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A refrain (from Vulgar Latin refringere, “to repeat”, and later from Old French refraindre) is the line or lines that are repeated in music or in verse; the “chorus” of a song.

Refrain…the website…is essentially a ‘chorus’ on music, concerts, bands, local events…hopefully, to be repeated.   Our growing list of reviews, interviews, photos, and concert listings have something for everyone.


Do you have a band, a CD, a show that you would like our writers to review? We’d love to have you submit something to us, if one of our writers feel that it sparks their inner creativity it could grace the pages of Refrain!  Don’t be shy…we don’t bite, much! 🙂

Also…do you know of a concert listing that seems to have slipped through refrains cracks? Please email us and we’ll add it to our “Concert Listings” page!!

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  1. Ian McInnis says:

    Great resource for upcoming shows!