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Black Veil Brides – Vale – Album Review

Posted: 8th February 2018 by refrainmusic in Albums

So I have to confess I’d not heard of Black Veil Brides before this album caught my eye. As I noticed the album (the cover is too cool) scrolling through charts looking for something new to listen too, I googled the band and didn’t know what to expect. Listening to tidbits on iTunes I thought “I like […]

Ed Sheeran – “Divide” – Album Review

Posted: 23rd March 2017 by refrainmusic in Albums

After a long hiatus and extended travel time, Ed Sheeran released his third album “÷”, read as “divide”. The novelty of his math symbol title pattern continues with “Divide” following the “Multiply” (“x’) and “Plus” (“+”) offerings. “Divide” steers us between Sheeran’s heart-felt ballads and distinctive acoustic, pop songs with the addition of some newly folk-inspired sounds. […]

Daughtry – “Baptized” – CD Review

Posted: 16th December 2013 by refrainmusic in Albums

Back with their fourth studio album Daughtry graces us with their new compilation, “Baptized”. When I first started listening to this album it threw me a bit, gone were most of the fuzz-pedal laden heavy guitars replaced by synthesizers and pop-influences.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it, as this was not the band […]

Blake Shelton – Based On A True Story – CD Review

Posted: 28th May 2013 by refrainmusic in Albums

“Chew tobacca, chew tobacca, chew tobacca, spit”…one of the best phrases I’ve heard in a song in a long time and it cracks me up every time I hear it.  The line is from the new hit song “Boys Round Here”, that you are hearing in heavy rotation, and the first song from Blake Shelton’s […]

Tonya Kennedy – CD Review & Interview

Posted: 4th March 2013 by refrainmusic in Albums, Interviews

The Album Review: Releasing her sophmore album, country singer Tonya Kennedy, is ready to once again blast onto country radio with a new album of very radio friendly songs.  Upon listening to the album a few times I haven’t heard a song on the album I couldn’t hear on the radio today filled with some […]

Kylee Epp – New EP & Interview!

Posted: 18th October 2012 by refrainmusic in Albums, Interviews

Kylee Epp is from the small town of Qualicum Beach, in British Columbia.  At an early age she was already known around town and sang and performed whenever she could singing national anthems at school assemblies, hockey games and baseball tournaments and by 15 was playing in local bars with her band. Kylee recently released […]

Maroon 5 – Overexposed – Album Review

Posted: 16th August 2012 by refrainmusic in Albums

  Right from the first track of Overexposed it gives you a pretty clear idea of what to expect out of it, extremely radio-friendly pop music, that seems a bit overworked.  That said this is not a bad album, it’s not, it’s a solid album that will spawn chart friendly hits (and already has) that will keep Maroon […]

Lindsay Broughton – Album Review & Interview

Posted: 9th August 2012 by refrainmusic in Albums, Interviews

Album Review: Dropping on to iTunes yesterday (and landing at number 62) with a full release slated for August 14th, Ontario native Lindsay Broughton is about to make us sit up and take notice.  Her eight song EP is spread across the spectrum, her new single “Restless As The Rain”, is a catchy country radio […]

Album Review: If Chris Kirby doesn’t manage to get you grooving or at least tapping your toe with “Wonderizer”, in my humble opinion, you have no soul (musically that is).  The newest release (released May 15th), the fourth album, by this Newfoundland based artist has it all, from slow heartfelt jams to up tempo wiggle […]

Daughtry – Break The Spell – Album Review

Posted: 11th January 2012 by refrainmusic in Albums

Five years ago we were all introduced to Chris Daughtry via American Idol, we were all shocked when he was evicted from the idol island way too soon, but soon were thankful that he was because then he could make the music he was meant to make not influenced by the ‘pop’ machine. He then […]