Our Lady Peace & I Mother Earth – Casino NB – 11/04/16

Posted: 17th November 2016 by refrainmusic in Concerts

A sold out show during the middle of the week doesn’t happen often but when it’s two great Canadian bands of the 90’s, one reunited with it’s original singer. There was a diverse age group for this show as I walked through the crowd, parents that were fans 20 years ago bringing their young ones to see to rocking bands from their own youth.

Due to some logistic issues I only made it to the first half of the opening act, The Standstills. What I did get to see was a high energy duo from Oshawa, Ontario of Johnny Fox (guitar & vocals) and Renée Couture (drums) warming up the crowd full steam ahead.

All over the gamut the duo were welcomed by the IME/OLP crowd with great fervor, blending a mix of rock, blues, and I even heard a rockabilly twist in there a bit. Renée is a dynamo on the drums as her hair flies as fast as her stick, and Johnny leads you through with strong vocals and riffed guitar playing, and this night the crowd loved it. I’d definitely check out more of the Standstills in the future.



Edwin & I Mother Earth - Casino NB - 11/04/16 ~ Refrain Photography

Edwin & I Mother Earth – Casino NB – 11/04/16 ~ Refrain Photography

The crowd was clearly comprised of fans of both bands about to follow, this crowd was full of fans; full of people who were actively listening to the pair of bands in the 90s and early 2000s.

Edwin looked like clean cut, yetaged version of himself from the past; same hair but with the grey noting the passage of time for both group of fans. However although I found he appeared a bit ‘bored’ early on, his voice was just a powerful as ever and as the show went on he proved he’s still got it. The band and Edwin meshed like all that time hadn’t passed as an adult, watching them for a second time I wondered what they could have done together through all those years. The crowd was just “into it” for both bands and they sang, boy did they sing, and not just for the ‘hit’ songs but for the more obscure songs as well. The crowd ate it up and were led even further towards OLP.

Raine Maida & Our Lady Peace - Casino NB - 11/04/16 ~ Refrain Photography

Our Lady Peace – Casino NB – 11/04/16 ~ Refrain Photography

On to OLP and the crowd swelled a bit in anticipation of the headliner of the night. Has Raine Maida aged in the last 20 years, at all? Seriously, this guy looks like it’s still 1995, but I digress; but come on it’s not fair!

OLP were as entertaining and tight as any time that I’ve seen them previously, they don’t mis a beat (no pun intended) and are smooth and crisp in every transition.  Playing songs from the last 20 years and mixing in some new songs that I have to say were very good, the band were as good as ever. Their crowd interaction, if you’ve read any of my reviews you know that is important to me, was up there for sure, with a few stories and a plethora of sing-a-longs.

To me OLP is still as good as they have ever been, are definitely worth going to see if you have not had the opportunity and have enjoyed any of their music from the last few decades.

Raine Maida & Our Lady Peace - Casino NB - 11/04/16 ~ Refrain Photography

Raine Maida & Our Lady Peace – Casino NB – 11/04/16 ~ Refrain Photography

Thank you do Casino NB, The Standstills, IME, OLP and PPRL for another night of outstanding music brought to our city. Cheers!