Blake Shelton – Based On A True Story – CD Review

Posted: 28th May 2013 by refrainmusic in Albums
Blake Shelton - Based On A True Story

Blake Shelton – Based On A True Story

“Chew tobacca, chew tobacca, chew tobacca, spit”…one of the best phrases I’ve heard in a song in a long time and it cracks me up every time I hear it.  The line is from the new hit song “Boys Round Here”, that you are hearing in heavy rotation, and the first song from Blake Shelton’s new album ‘Based On A True Story’.  His seventh studio album, it’s a personal reflection of things that have either happened or are happening in his life, quoted as saying “Every song on the album, I’ve either been through those situations, or I’m going through them right now”.  Shelton displays his innate ability to touch on many genre of fan with this album, from the die hard country fan to the pop-country crossover, to even a touch of hip-hop.

The star judge from NBC’s hit show “The Voice” is quick with his wit, and will regularly crack a joke on the show at another judges expense and that wit is evident in songs like “Boys Round Here”, that features a guest appearance by “Pistol Annies” (of whom his wife Miranda Lambert is a member).   I found it pretty unique that he made it hip hop like, while still keeping it country, and talking about country things.  Shelton has never run away from a ballad and the fast rising hit “Sure Be Cool If You Did”, is a relatable song to anyone ever that’s been in a relationship, with a very singable arrangement, this will be another sure fire hit for Shelton.

One of my other favorites on the album is a song co-written by fellow country artist and skilled writer Deric Ruttan (with Connie Harrington & Jessi Alexander) called “Mine Would Be You”.    Just love the lyrics of this song, and it’s in my opinion one of the gems of this album, that hopefully fans will latch on too.   While a ballad it’s also a fun song that is appropriate for Shelton’s ‘glow’ that appears whenever he talks about his love for his wife Miranda.  I hope this song makes it to heavy airplay as it deserves the attention.

Many are expecting the next single to hit radio to be “Small Town Big Time”, in time for summer, with it’s blasting electric guitars and heavy beat.  Talking about making it but missing your roots, “Glad I hit it, glad I did, and I’d do it again” is followed up by “But meanwhile back in the sticks…”.  A great song that’s sure to be blasting out of more than a few radios at the beach and the back yard BBQ’s this summer.

“I Still Got A Finger” will resonate with the working class, blue collar folk, that sweat and bleed for an honest days wage.  The song talks about working for that “prick of an owner’s son” and how even though I’ve been punching your clock I still have a “cute little one finger wave”.  An homage to the old days of ‘Take This Job & Shove It”.

Shelton puts on his well rounded story telling hat with the song “Granddaddy’s Gun” and takes us through the history of a weapon that hangs above the family mantel.  How the gun in the story taught about life lessons and the trials that follow, not wanting to say too much about the song and spoil it, like “Mine Would Be You” this is yet another gem on the album.

Multiple award winning Shelton may have a few more awards on his mantel with this album, the reigning CMA Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year (2012) has already generated two popular hits off this twelve song album, with more to come I’m sure.  There is a little bit of everything on this album from fun songs to, ballads, to reflective storytelling…a solid country album from one of countries reigning superstars…”Chew tobacca, chew tobacca, chew tobacca, spit”!