Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 03/21/13

Posted: 26th March 2013 by refrainmusic in Concerts

An exciting event for rock fans, and specifically for Pink Floyd fans came to the Moncton Coliseum on March 21st…Brit Floyd!   A cataclysm of light and sound the Brit Floyd show is an onslaught of music that sweeps you up in it’s melodic manifesto and takes you to the end.  Around for about a little over a year now, the show may be new but the players are not, all the musicians are drawn from the more commonly known Australian Pink Floyd show which is still currently touring and has been for almost twenty years.


Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 3/21/13

Brit Floyd’s show began right around 8:00pm with a long melodic intro to the first song…the crowd roared in appreciation, the lights dim, the video screen came to life and the show hummed to life.   The fans of Floyd, of which there are many and many were in attendance tonight were ready for this show.   Even if you have been fortunate enough to see the origina Floyd live, you will not be disappointed by the Brit Floyd show, at times closing my eyes, and feeling like I was hearing the real thing with only slight subtle nuance differences.


Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 03/21/13

Brit Floyd are exceptional in recreating the conceptual stories that often came hand in hand with the many songs which provide a core to Pink Floyd’s albums. The band was massive with the aforementioned guitarist Bobby Harrison, Drummer, Arran Ahmun, Percussionist/Saxophonist Carl Brundsen, Bassist Ian Cattell, gutarist & musical director Damian Darlington, keyboardist Rob Stringer, and background vocalists Emily Jollands, Jacquie Williams, and Ola Bienkowska.  All played a part, that took us through album after album of Pink Floyd musical history.


Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 03/21/13

One interesting nuance, every time the band switched to a different set of songs from a different album, they showed the a visual on the screen of someone pulling that vinyl album off the shelf and taking it to the turntable to play.  The knowledge of the smallish but dedicated group of Floyd fans roared with each album shown.  Again I got the chance to see a mesmerizing vocal performance from back up vocalist Ola Bienkowska on “Great Gig in the Sky” that absolutely blew the audience away like when I’d seen the group previously.


Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 03/21/13

After a twenty or so minute intermission the second set brought us, arguably, the three most recognizable Floyd songs in “Wish You Were Here”, which Darlington performs the vocal stunningly on, “Another Brick In The Wall”, and “Comfortably Numb” which with the aid of video screen brought the Floyd experience to life…the band performing all of these songs absolutely flawlessly.  I love that Damien Darlington has the symbom from the cover of ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ painted on his guitar, and the light beams shoot up behind the strings.


Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 03/21/13

The band ended the almost three hour night to grand applause from the greatly appreciative Coliseum crowd.  I highly recommend, if you are a Pink Floyd fan, rock music fan, hell just a music fan to see Brit Floyd if you get the chance, it’s a wonderful musical experience that will leave you wanting more…not to be missed, I won’t miss them next time!  To the band, the coliseum, and CMP Live I thank you for a wonderful night of musical entertainment…until next time!


Brit Floyd – Moncton Coliseum – 03/21/13