Kylee Epp – New EP & Interview!

Posted: 18th October 2012 by refrainmusic in Albums, Interviews

Kylee Epp – Be Your Girl!

Kylee Epp is from the small town of Qualicum Beach, in British Columbia.  At an early age she was already known around town and sang and performed whenever she could singing national anthems at school assemblies, hockey games and baseball tournaments and by 15 was playing in local bars with her band.

Kylee recently released her first single, ‘Be Your Girl’ off her also recently released EP.  She toured for several years singing backup and playing acoustic guitar for Jessie Farrell and also appeared in a couple of her music videos. Now, she has stepped out of the background, with a music video of her own that is now on CMT Canada.  Kylee was also featured at this year’s CCMA’s and took part in the CCMA New Aritst Showcase on Thursday September 6 in Saskatoon and won the challenge to country fans across the country to be one of the performers at this year’s Fan Fest.

With her first single rising up the country music charts, doing interviews at radio stations across the country, I believe you are going to be hearing much more of the surfing country singer from the west coast in the not too distant future.

Kylee Epp


RM: Do you have any other loves other than music?

Surfing, Hiking, Trail Running…these all lend to my carefree style of music.  I love to perform live and entertain people.

RM: Who would you most like to open for?

Sheryl Crow (described her as a big influence)…..Keith Urban…I’ve been lucky to have opened for quite a few well known artists to date, Brooks & Dunn, Alan jackson, Faith Hill

RM: What’s most changed your career to this point?

The reception of “Be Your Girl”…

RM:  Which artist did you enjoy seeing as a fan the most?

Springsteen (surprised, me with that one, she said it was one of if not her favorite live shows)…Brooks & Dunn

RM:  What’s it like for a new country artist to go to, first go to Nashville, but to be in a Nashville performing?

Feel like you’ve arrived…there is so much talent…everyone you meet has a story in Nashville, so many people there are working to make their dream happen.

RM: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

Not an option, from a young age I knew that wasn’t an option.

RM: For those that have never heard you…describe your sound?

Pop-country music…female Keith Urban, Shania Twain

RM: If you had to give advice to an artist on how to get their career going, what would that advice be?

Hard work, push, only you can make it happen…

RM: Guilty pleasure song…you know the one you sing when no one is listening 😉  

Katie Perry California girls…I like so many styles of music so there would be many of these.

RM:  You have your music on iTunes, how has downloadable music changed the music industry in your opinion? 

Huge way…reshaped forever, independent artists are not controlled by a suit in an office, I even have my own iPhone app now!

RM:  Do you remember what you were doing when you decided, ‘hey, I think this is what I want to do for a living’?

I was about 11-ish and still living in Qualcom Beach, BC…

RM: What’s your biggest pet peeve about touring/travelling to play…what’s your favourite thing?

Favorite thing…a tour bus.  Missed sleep…love to travel, meet new people, but the lack of sleep is killer…much better with a tour bus!

RM:  What’s next for Kylee? (Refrain is trying to convince her and Lindsay Broughton to tour out here together next year!)

Promoting the new EP and planning a touring in the spring  ( hopefully she get’s a bus!…come out to the East Coast!)

We want to take the time to thank Kylee for speaking with us and Refrain looks forward to when she can perform for us on the East Coast.    Follow her journey on her Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as her home page and download her app from iTunes!:


Twitter:  @KyleeEpp