John Fogerty – Moncton Coliseum – 09/11/12

Posted: 12th September 2012 by refrainmusic in Concerts

Driving into the coliseum for tonight’s  John Fogerty concert I saw a a long line-up which I thought bode well for the crowd level tonight, only to find out that it was security doing bag checks and they only had one of the main doors open.  My ticket was high up in the balcony and due to the set-up of the band and the coliseum I got re-seated to one of the top four rows at the back of the bowl when asking an attendant where my seat was located, off I went to pick a seat.

First up was Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real.  Son of more well known Willie Nelson, there is definitely a similar vocal sound between father and son, with son being more of a bluesy vocal ‘growler’ and that’s pretty well where the similarities stop.   More of a blues guitarist, a very good one, Lukas and his band rocked out tune after tune of guitar dripping, head swinging songs that the Fogerty fans ate up.   Thinking back I don’t think I ever saw Willie play an electric guitar blues solos with his nose…which Lukas did, a couple of times.   Tight percussion and throaty base lend itself to Nelson’s guitar playing for a fun and enthralling blues rock experience.

The age gamut was what I expected tonight with a majority of the crowd ranging from around mid-thirties and well up from there.  One thing I didn’t expect to see at a Fogerty show was a guy in a cowboy hat and a kilt, but hey, to each their own!   Getting something to drink in the ever warm coliseum was once again a challenge as vendors are limited to a single mezzanine and the vendors are far from speedy (I later found out from the server, that they are forced to open even a plastic bottle of coke to pour in a glass, silly) but mission accomplished, coca-cola in hand, on with the show!

Next up was the former CCR front man on his “Cross Canada Revival” tour, nice play on the lettering there.

The show started with a lengthy video montage chronicling Fogerty and his career.   It talked about him laying away his first guitar at Sears when he was 14,  and how he now has 300 (25 of which come on tour with him).

The show kicked off with the appropriate ‘Travelling Band’ and right into ‘Looking Out My Back Door’ and never looked back from there.  Fogerty has plenty to draw from having 18 gold records to his credit, sevens albums with CCR.  Fogerty made his first appearance on tv at 14 and has been writing and recording ever since except for a ten year hiatus after the pain of break-up of CCR was too much.  ‘Centerfield’ in 1985 brought him back to the limelight and he played it tonight on his trademark ‘slugger’ baseball bat inspired guitar, this started the dancing in the aisles.

Backed by a prolific band, that included rock drumming legend Kenny Aronoff (who is amazing), Fogerty played hit after hit from the last forty plus years never missing a step.   The stage show was more energetic and pyrotechnic and flame throwing than I expected from the sixty-seven yea old rock and roll hall of famer.  Complete with a fairly elaborate stage set-up and three large video screens the group kept you well entertained.  A career that was inspired by Elvis and the Beatles , who fifty years ago this month stepped into Abbey Road for their first studio recording, is showing no signs of slowing down now (obviously his jogging six miles a day is doing wonders)!

Dedicated to his little girl Kelsey, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” turned into a sing-along-song with the small and enthusiastic crowd and rolled right into an inspired “Pretty Woman” that had the crowd on their feet.

The tempo turned up it was obvious we were nearing the climactic point of the show as ” Down On The Corner” belted from the band.

Just before the two hour mark the band left the stage, only to be pulled back by the small and mighty crowd for a three song encore that featured “Bad Moon Rising” and of course “Proud Mary”.

I was presently surprised at how much I enjoyed this show tonight, right from the get-go, I encourage you to check out both bands if you get the chance as I thoroughly enjoyed both.  Until next time.