Lindsay Broughton – Album Review & Interview

Posted: 9th August 2012 by refrainmusic in Albums, Interviews

Lindsay Broughton – New Release August 14th / 2012

Album Review:

Dropping on to iTunes yesterday (and landing at number 62) with a full release slated for August 14th, Ontario native Lindsay Broughton is about to make us sit up and take notice.  Her eight song EP is spread across the spectrum, her new single “Restless As The Rain”, is a catchy country radio friendly song that should have country fans taking notice of this new artist.   The album produced by Kevin Savigar, who wrote “Forever Young” for Rod Stewart is a smooth modern country offering that is sure to please many a fan.   Several writing trips to Nashville spawned the album that was eventually recorded wholly in Canada, with some great studio guitar work, great lyrics, and full sound, a sound you don’t here on a lot of artists first EP.  Lindsay is a personable young gal, and that shines through in her songs, her songs about life, about experiences…like a good country song should be.  I highly recommend to country fans everywhere to check out Lindsay Broughton’s new EP on iTunes and to see her live and in person if you ever get the chance!

Lindsay Broughton – Restless As The Rain…on iTunes now!

The Interview:

Right on time at eleven am this morning my phone rings and on the other end is a very lively Lindsay Broughton.  I say very lively because it’s ten am in her home province of Ontario and this young lady doesn’t, to my surprise, drink coffee!  She comments that many have said they don’t know how she does it, she opened for Chad Brownlee last night and then had a ten am interview with me today, with no coffee, bravo!  Right away you can tell Lindsay is a down to earth, easy going gal, that puts you to ease in a conversation.   We have a nice little chat while circling around my pre-planned questions and talk about her live performance and how she likes to keep it upbeat with a couple of ballads thrown in, she feels it’s her job to entertain and keep you interested, I look forward to the chance to take in her show someday.

RM: Do you have any other loves other than music?

Animals…at times I saw myself being a vet if I wasn’t doing music…I’m very much a dog lover…

RM: Who would you most like to open for?

The Judds, Wynona…hands down.

RM: What’s most changed your career to this point?

My drive, I can’t slack off for a second, you have to go, go, go.

RM: What’s your current single that fans may hear on the radio?

Restless as the Rain…a song I really can’t wait for everyone to hear!

RM:  Which artist did you enjoy seeing as a fan the most?

When I was younger (she’s the ripe old age of 23) I was really into pop music so then it was Britney Spears…recently though it would have to be when I saw Brad Paisley’s H20 Tour…tickets that I was given as a gift.

RM:  What’s it like for a new country artist to go to, first go to Nashville, but to be in a Nashville performing?

Overwhelming, even the waitresses sing in Nashville, there is a very high concentration of talent….it’s a big eye opener…having been there 7-8 times writing…it can make you realize the level of talent out there and how much your really have to work to get to where you want to be

RM: For those that have never heard you…describe your sound?

Mixture….pop-rock-country…each slightly different.  The person I get compared to a lot is Miranda Lambert…(RM: I heard a lot of Carrie Underwood in her music style too)

RM: If I picked up your iPod, what would I find in your most ‘recent played’ list?

Dean Brody, Spice Girls (guilty pleasure), John Mayer, Black Crowes, Lee Brice….I have a diverse group of music that I draw from, I think it’s important that you appreciate lots of styles of music as an artist.  My biggest thing is I love to write music, and there are many different ways of expressing yourself and it’s good to experience how different styles do that.

RM: What do you do in your downtime, to relax, to get away from the music business?

Homebody…movies…I know you said no music but, play guitar…walk my dogs, hike…just try and relax as much as possible in order to recharge as life can get pretty hectic.

RM: If you had to give advice to an artist on how to get their career going, what would that advice be?

I’d ask them a question…Do you have perseverance…do you see yourself doing anything else in your life?  If so, stay away from the music industry if you don’t have perseverance.  There are so many ups and downs, I know it’s cliche, but the music industry is really, really tough…

RM:  You have your music on iTunes, how has downloadable music changed the music industry in your opinion?

It’s two sided, it makes it so a new artist can be listened too easy in some regards, potential fans can get that one song and experience someone new relatively cheaply without having to buy a whole album…makes us more accessible.  But on the other side it makes it hard for an artist to recoup their cost when they only sell one song…also, fans may not take the time to listen to the rest of the album because they got that one song they heard on the radio, not hearing those other songs, they may miss out on one they love.

RM:  Do you remember what you were doing when you decided, ‘hey, I think this is what I want to do for a living’?

I was in a group…in school…called Sass.  I’d been writing poems since I was small and also playing guitar, and this group helped me learn to put my poems to music.  We travelled around doing recitals, when I sang in my first recital I was so nervous, but when I left the stage I felt this rush…this is where I want to be I told myself…I was about 16/17.

RM:  What’s next for Lindsay?

This weekend I’m playing at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival in Bowmanville, ON…in Port Perry opening up again for Chad Brownlee and of course the CCMA’s in the fall…

I want to take the time to thank Lindsay for speaking with us and Refrain looks forward to when she can perform for us on the East Coast (she’s never been out here, we need to make that happen!).    Follow her journey on her Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as her home page:

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Twitter: @LindsBroughton