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Francelle Maria Doiron – ECMA 2012

Recently featured as a top 40 finalist on Canada’s Got Talent, Francelle Maria and her band mate Mathieu Leger are on their way up.  Francelle, known for not only her great singing voice but her ability to ‘yodel’ is a unique country act that mixes both old and new styles of country together in one seamless set.  Catch her playing all around the area, across the country, on radio, tv anywhere you can as it is a great and unique live show.  The multi-talented singer graduated from Ontario’s Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, where her skills in singing, dancing and acting were to be honed and make her into the performer she is today.

The Interview:

RM: Do you have any other loves other than music?

I LOOVE dark, Swiss chocolate!!  I also love to cook and eat homemade meals!  I hardly ever eat out, always a smellin’ good, home cooked meal.

RM: Who would you most like to open for?

Dolly Parton!

RM: How has being on Canada’s Got Talent changed your life/career?

It’s a bit easier to book gigs now because people associate and remember who you are!  Our month of April was busier than before, filled with lots of gigs, media related interviews like radio and print.

RM: How were the ECMA’s?  Did you discover any artists you hadn’t heard before?  Who did you enjoy seeing as a fan the most?

Yes…I loved the ECMA’s!  We met lots of great people and had a blast!  I got to meet Tonya Kennedy who is a wonderful singer and performer!  I got to catch up with Rik Reese & Neon Highway, Melanie Morgan, The Divorcees, Chris Colepaugh, Brendan Furlotte and many more!!

RM: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

Simple…I’d be an Actress or a cook!

RM: Where did the “yodel” come from, you don’t hear that anymore, what incentive did you have to learn to do it?

I was in a karaoke competition when I was 15-16 and the host requested a yodel song. I thought it sounded unique and took it as a great opportunity to discover new things about my voice! After performing that song in competition, the reaction from the crowd was so overwhelming that it made me realize there was a real market for this talent. That’s when I really started to dig deep in the art of yodelling.

RM: How hard do you push yourself?

Hard…I work 24/7!

RM: What are the five things that you can’t live without?

Matt (band mate and main squeeze)/Family and Friends/Music/Smiles/Food

RM: What’s your motto/advice that you live by?

The power of the mind! If you put your mind to it, you will succeed! Hard work pays off!

RM: For those that have never heard you…describe your sound?

Dolly Parton, with a touch of Kristen Chenoweth!

RM: If I picked up your iPod, what would I find in your most ‘recent played’ list?

Songs that I need to learn for the next gig! 

RM: What do you do in your downtime, to relax, to get away from the music business?

Drink tea, eat dark chocolate, sit in a Jacuzzi, steam room, spend time with the family and friends, cook meals, watch TV!

RM: If you had to give advice to an artist on how to get their career going, what would that advice be?

Work 24/7! =) If you love it, it won’t feel like work! Practice makes perfect!

RM:  What’s it like for a new country artist to go to, first go to Nashville, but to be in a Nashville recording studio recording an album (what studio were you in?)?

County Q! It’s amazing to have all of these session musicians who have played with artists such as Reba, Rascal Flatts, Alan Jackson etc… You really get to see the level of their talent and it inspires you to practice more!

RM:  You have your music on iTunes, how has downloadable music changed the music industry in your opinion? 

I think technology will always be getting better and musician just need to adapt to these changes! It means more money for live performance which is what we love to do!

RM: What helped shape the Francelle we see today on and off the stage?

My wonderful supporting family and friends, my drive to succeed, Randolph Academy and my amazing vocal coaches, Monette Gould and Jeffrey Huard!

RM:  Do you remember what you were doing when you decided, ‘hey, I think this is what I want to do for a living’?

Singing on a karaoke machine my parents bought for me when I was 12 years old!

RM: What’s your biggest pet peeve about touring/travelling to play…what’s your favourite thing?

Pet peeve, trying to find healthy food! I love to discover new places and people! Making new friends and connections!

RM:  What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened in your music career, something you’ll never forget?

Getting Zoink’d on YTV!

RM:  What’s next for Francelle?

Stay tuned!

Want to take the time to thank Francelle for speaking with us and Refrain looks forward to the next time we can get out and see Francelle & Matt live and in action.  Check the concert listings page to see if they are playing near your or at your favorite local watering hole or festival.   Follow her journey on her Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as her home page:

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Francelle Maria – ECMA 2012