George Thorogood & The Destroyers – Casino NB – 09/22/11

Posted: 26th September 2011 by refrainmusic in Concerts

Once again back at the fantastic facility at the new Casino NB, the “Center” for a night of bluesy rock with George Thorogood and the Destroyers!  Having been here for several shows now, I was surprised at the seating configuration that was being utilized tonight, or should I say the lack of  seating.  They had the regular bleacher seats at the back of the room, but the floor seats had been removed and it was all standing tonight, perhaps in anticipation of some dancing!

George Thorogood

After 16 studio albums (two Platinum and six Gold), over fifteen million albums sold world wide, and countless tours around the globe, George Thorogood and the Destroyers are one accomplished and hard working act.  Bringing all walks of life together at their shows, they appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes, from the blues fan to the guitar rock fan.  The crowd on this night lingers around in the wide open expanse (no seats remember) of the the Center’s open hall, sauntering to the two bar’s set up at either end, and anticipating a fun music filled evening.   From their simple beginnings in 1970, after Thorogood gave up playing semi-pro baseball to become a full time musician, he put together the Destroyers in his home state of Delaware and they moved to Boston where they played regularly in the local blues clubs.  In 1974 they cut their first demos, which later became their “Better Than The Rest” album that came after their 1977 debut, and 1978 “Move It On Over” album that got them their first gold record.  In 1982, he released “Bad To The Bone”, with the title track becoming his signature song…with heavy saturation on MTV for the video, the album went Gold, as did their next three albums.

George Thorogood

Around 8:10pm this evening the lights dimmed and the rapidly growing crowd in the Center, roared to life as Thorogood and the Destroyers took the stage. Thorogood in his classic bandana, dark sunglasses, and dressed in all black took no time in ripping into guitar laden music and riling up the crowd.   Flashing his infectious smile, the ladies loved it when it when it was directed at them, he riffed his way into great classics like his cover of Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over”.

Thorogood now in his sixties, it’s obvious, has been doing this for a long time as he interacts with his crowd (one of the best things a performer can do in my opinion), he tells stories, and he relates to people.  Even the obnoxious aren’t left out, when one gent in the front was rather boisterous in his desire for one of George’s guitar picks, Thorogood talked to him and dedicated the next song to him…”Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job”…to much cheering from the crowd.

George Thorogood

Rolling through all of his classic songs this night in “Bad To the Bone”, “Move It On Over”, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”, and “I Drink Alone”.  The excited crowd gyrating to some fantastic blues guitar playing, Thorogood being a fantastic slide guitar player, and some great saxophone solos by sax player Buddy Leach.  The crowd, ranging in age from their early twenties and well into their sixties were treated to a little over an hour or grinding bluesy rock that you couldn’t help but get your body moving too.

Buddy Leach of the "Destroyers"

That same crowd also brought Thorogood and his band out for two encore’s that featured song’s like “Madison Blues” and “No Particular Place To Go”.  At the end the crowd left satisfied and rocked out the door, guitars still ringing in their ears, the lights came on too early (the Center turned up the house lights while GT was still on the last song of his second encore which was bizarre) but the crowd didn’t care they kept on rocking.  Thorogood even made one final appearance after the band left the stage to come out and ‘bump fists’ and shake hands with the crowd that still lined the stage which, in my opinion, was a classy thing to do.  Until next time thanks to the Center and PPRL for a great show!