Rock & Roll Burlesque Show – The Manhattan – 08/20/11

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The term “Burlesque” launches most individuals minds towards the image of scantily clad woman gyrating to grinding jazz and blues in smokey dark nightclubs, and in most cases they wouldn’t be far off.  That said, most wouldn’t know that Burlesque has been around for over a hundred years in various incarnations, starting out in the early 1830’s taking a well known theatrical play and creating a musical parody of it, but most think of the more Americanized style of a ‘striptease’ style show that was as much about the sexiness and an extension of the music, which is what I ventured into on Saturday night.

Rock & Roll Burlesque Show

Rock & Roll Burlesque Show

Prior to the show I hooked up with Tiffany from ‘Broken Chord Promotions’, whom I want to thank for contacting me about this show and giving me the opportunity to cover, she introduced me to the vibrant Kay Licious (Pink Velvet Burlesque), with whom I had a wonderful chat about her stepping into the world of Burlesque five short years ago and never looking back.  I want to take the time to thank Kay for speaking with me and showing me her ‘stupid human trick’ (too freaky to type), and talking to me about how she’d love to perform at the world renowned burlesque festival in Las Vegas someday, a personal goal I’m sure she’ll achieve.  You can see the passion in her eyes as she describes Burlesque and what it means to her, the energy that it brings into her voice, and the twinkle in her eye when she describes loving dancing to ‘dirty blues’.

Kay Licious

Being in the door a bit ahead of the general public I got to see the lovely Scarlett Sparks do her rehearsal and knew that were in for a bit of a treat tonight.  The band behind her was great and even though she was just getting a feel for the space she’d be working in we knew it was going to be fun.

Next I got the chance to chat with the, for lack of a better word, enthusiastic, Miss Magenta (Tainted Temple Burlesque).  I say enthusiastic because I could tell right from the get go that this young lady enjoys life, and has a magical ‘enthusiam’ for it and what she’s doing with it.  This thought was reinforced by the fact that when I asked her how she got her stage name, she replied; “if I was a color, that’s the color I think I’d be”, loved that.  A very energetic fan of house music I asked her what song would people be surprised to find on her music player, and she replied with a little smile; “Tequila Makes Your Clothes Fall Off”…which really, isn’t that surprising at all considering her chosen occupation.  One thing that I could tell from talking to both ladies, they have a great passion for what they do, they love their jobs, and not many of us can say that with honesty that I saw from these gals.

Miss Magenta

The show opened with the “rockabilly” family trio of “The Shakedown Combo”, originally from the UK and migrating to Western Canada, they now call Nova Scotia home.  All I can say is this family can play, young Kimmi plays a full stand up bass like she was born with it in her hand, I was mesmerized watching her play.  Guitar player, and ‘daddio’ of the group David Goode is a very good guitar player that fills the room with fantastic rockabilly riffs, while in center stage the matriarch of the group, Gill Goode belts out the vocals sometimes in a wail, sometimes in a purr that matches her leopard print outfit.  A very fun group to listen too and to watch perform.

Next up was “The Troubleshooters”, a bluesy rock and rock band that really got the groove going and brought out the burlesques girls for the first time.  With everything from saxophone to great guitar licks these guys rocked The Manhattan here in Moncton, while the lovely gals of burlesque performed in front of them.  Vocalist Chris Martin provided mc duties for the gals as they took to the stage with great flair, style, and to raucous applause.  Hitting us with a blues/rock style that had everyone dancing and grooving for a great part of the night.

Scarlett Sparks

   Closing out the night the burlesque girls performed once more just before Dapper Dan and the Drive-In Classics hit the stage to take us off into the night with some classic rockabilly rock and roll.  I want to thank the girls and the bands for making it a fun night, the girls were lovely to chat with and I look forward to seeing them perform again.  My only bad comment about the night, repeated by a few people I chatted too, “not enough burlesque”!!

For my first venture into burlesque I had a blast and I would recommend that people be open to taking in a burlesque show, it’s great fun, great music, and all around good time.  Until next time!


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