The Counting Crows – Casino NB – 05/20/2015

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One of the most common musical names of the early nineties, just about everyone knew who the Counting Crows were at that time.  Today, not as well known, the venues are smaller, some members have changed, but some of the songs remain the same mixed with some new.  Most of the bands that have the longevity of more than two decades like the Counting Crows usually save some of their biggest songs, that draw fans out to the bitter end, until the last few songs or the encore.  But the Crows had a different plan, they started with some of their biggest songs, like their huge 1994 hit “Round Here” which I must admit I was surprised to here right out of the blocks.  I was even more surprised by song three which was probably their most recognizable song in “Mr Jones” from their debut album August & Everything After.

Counting Crows Concert Moncton NB Refrain Photography 2015

Counting Crows – Casino NB – 05/20/15 ~ Refrain Photography

Many 90’s act rest on the laurels of early successes but Counting Crows actually deliver something different, a little more in the present.  Singer Adam Duritz likes to elongate sections of songs I noticed, and the songs from their latest album, Somewhere Under Wonderland, fit in quite nicely.  I particularly liked one I’d not heard before a song called “Possibilty Days”, a thought provoking song with great lyrics.  There was also ventures into newer and more recognizable songs like the cover of Joni Mitchell’s hit “Paved Paradise” and “California”, both of which induced crowd sing along’s.  The music from the band was tight, well organized, and it was certainly one of the better ‘lit’ shows I’ve seen at the casino (photographers worry about these things).

Counting Crows Casino NB Moncton NB Refrain Photography 2015

Counting Crows – Casino NB – 05/20/15 ~ Refrain Photography

Courting the nostalgic only gets you so far with fans, the Counting Crows don’t appear to be chasing that particular fan base.  After 24 years together they appear to have picked up some long-term fans willing to extend them rope to experiment as a band; there were lots in the crowd of people as aware of their newer songs as they were the massive hits from back at the beginning of the almost 90 minute show.   Pulled out for a three song encore that included the hit “Rain King” the Counting Crows put on an entertaining and well rounded show from beginning to end.

Counting Crows Casino NB Moncton NB Refrain Photography Jason Lorette 2015

Counting Crows – Casino NB – 05/20/15 ~ Refrain Photography

Thanks to the Counting Crows, Casino New Brunswick, Evenko, and PPRL for another great night of music at the Casino.



The Mellotones – Tide & Boar Ballroom – 05/16/15

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to check out one of the newest live music venue’s in town, well, new in the sense that it’s now being used by someone new.  The Tide & Boar is already one of my favourite restaurant’s in town (lord the ‘boar poutine’…any that have had it, you know what I mean, the homemade ketchup is heaven).    For several years now, the T&B have had many live performances grace their ‘corner stage’ that is also a seating area when not a stage, but some bands busted that area’s seams (The Mellotones 8 members included in that list).   The popularity of the great food, wide selection of craft beer and live musical performances led to a new addition to the venue across the hall from the main restaurant.  The DUO Wine Bar & Cafe has been open for a while now, serving wine (obviously) along with locally roasted expresso and coffee, fresh baked breads and pastries in a rustic atmosphere.  The latest addition, a stroll down the solitary hallway between the Boar and the Duo, is the Tide & Boar Ballroom.  The ballroom has seem many a rowdy night as it’s life as 30 plus years  Club Cosmopolitan, and a few other variations since then.  When the ballroom became vacant I’d hoped that that the T&B would take it over as a music location for their expanding concert selection.

My first realization was that it’s a little hard to realize where the ballroom is if you don’t know where you’re going, and for someone unfamiliar you’d have to ask staff in either the DUO or T&B.   One thing that I noticed right away is that it’s very dark in the ballroom, which is great when the band is onstage performing but as you wander the room or the balcony it’s a bit disconcerting as it’s a bit hard to see.  The bar selection was a tad disappointing with such a large selection available in the two venues on the front of the building, and counting out money in the darkness (particularly on the balcony) was a bit difficult, that said, it was impressive that the bars took debit.  A great thing was that they took out the old main bar to make room for seating just off the large dance floor leaving room for the crowd to both enjoy the entertainment seated or dancing.  I loved that they’ve kept the balcony which creates a perspective for watching live music that is unique in a Moncton venue.  Overall there are a few tweaks to the atmosphere and logistics that I’d personally make to the venue, but I am so incredibly happy that it is being used by the Tide & Boar and McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre.

Mellotones Moncton Music Live Tide & Boar Ballroom Music Photography

The Mellotones – Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography

The Mellotones show started promptly at 10:30 and began the first of three full sets by the band.  I’d seen a few of the members during the ECMA’s in Halifax perform with other groups but this was my first time experiencing them all together.  The eight-piece group casually stepped on to the stage with no fan fair or introduction, but the horns roared to life and their energy was infectious with the crowd.  If you can sit still while these guys are playing, I swear you don’t have a pulse.

The Mellotones - Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography

The Mellotones – Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography

With a superb horn section that is reminiscent of Motown, they rolled through set after set of fantastic R&B, funk, and soul hits that had the crowd on their feet the whole time dancing, singing and bopping to the great music.  This multi talented group led by lead singer and saxophonist, Jeff Mosher, is joined by a superb horn section featuring Jody Lyne on trumpet, Eric Landry with the trombone and Sean Weber playing lead saxophone and EWI.  The band’s rhythm stays in line with Brad Conrad on guitars, Ian Mosher on keyboards, Mike Farrington Jr. on bass and Damien Moynihan on drums.

The Mellotones - Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography

The Mellotones – Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography

An amazing night of music, dancing, and live entertainment the Mellotones do not disappoint in any way shape or form.  I highly recommend getting out to see this band the next time they roll into town, and hopefully it’s at the fantastic Tide & Boar Ballroom, don’t hesitate to check out both, or go for the full monty, have a great meal at the Tide & Boar, an after dinner glass of wine at DUO, and a great show in the new Tide & Boar Ballroom.  Thanks to the Ballroom and The Mellotones for a a great night! :)

The Mellotones - Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography

The Mellotones – Tide & Boar Ballroom ~ Refrain Photography


AC/DC Announced For Magnetic Hill Labor Day Weekend 2015!

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Details on the “Concert Listings Page“!! Check it out!!

The Trews – Casino NB – 01/30/2015

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   Friday night at Casino NB saw Canadian rockers “The Trews” roll onto the stage to a full house of avid fans on a very, very cold January weekend.  Another winter storm on the horizon didn’t keep fans away from what would prove to be another great night of rock music at The Centre.  Starting right on time the band, introduced by fellow Nova Scotian Mandy MacDonald from the C103 morning show, took the stage to a raucous ovation from the crowd.

The Trews - Casino NB - 01/30/2015 ~ Refrain Photography

The Trews – Casino NB – 01/30/2015 ~ Refrain Photography

From Antigonish, NS the band entered a contest that is held annually by a St. Catharines rock radio station.  Winning the contest would be their big break as they soon landed a recording contract.  The release of their first full-length CD soon followed in 2003, produced by Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson, the album contained their hit singles “Not Ready to Go”, and “Tired of Waiting”. “Not Ready to Go” hit number one on Canadian rock radio and the band was nominated as New Group of the Year at the 2004 Juno Awards  and “Not Ready to Go” was nominated as Single of the Year in 2005. The Album, House Of Ill Fame, has been certified gold in Canada.

John-Angus MacDonald -The Trews - Casino NB - 01/30/2015 ~ Refrain Photography

John-Angus MacDonald -The Trews – Casino NB – 01/30/2015 ~ Refrain Photography

The brothers MacDonald, lead singer and rythm guitarist Colin and lead guitarist John-Angus lead the band through great songs Like “Hope & Ruin”, “Highway of Heroes”, and the more obscure “Oblivion” which Colin said was inspired by their opportunity to open for Bruce Springsteen a few years back on Magnetic Hill, one of many reasons they had an affection for Moncton, and why they were starting their trip and performing their first show of the year here.

Complete with both drum and guitar solos the band rocked the crowd for an hour and a half before bidding the crowd farewell only to be pulled back to a three song encore with a sing along of maritime favourite “Ishmael and Maggie”, and a crowd favourite “I’m Not Ready To Go”, and after one final song they said their goodbyes and left a happy crowd going out into the cold night air.

Colin MacDonald - The Trews - Casino NB - 01/30/2015 ~ Refrain Photography

Colin MacDonald – The Trews – Casino NB – 01/30/2015 ~ Refrain Photography

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this great Canadian band I highly recommend that you do so, you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks to The Trews, Casino NB, and PPRL for another great night of awesome music!

The Tea Party – Casino NB – 11/21/14

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Friday night at Casino NB was one that brought me back in time, a couple decades it’s kind of scary to say, to a very loud (one of the loudest I’d been too) bar show featuring Canadian rock Trio, The Tea Party. I really like these general admission shows that the crowd on the floor isn’t seated, that they stand and have the bleachers in the back for those that want to sit.

Tonight the opening act was Niagra Falls band “The Mandevilles” whom I’d only heard one song about on YouTube previously and enjoyed (Hangovers).

Serena Pryne - The Mandevilles - Casino NB ~ Refrain Photography

Serena Pryne – The Mandevilles – Casino NB ~ Refrain Photography

The lead singer Serena Pryne has a voice like serated silk that belts out songs with a liquid ferocity that reminds me of a young Melissa Etheridge, her stage presence that of a rocking Sass Jordan. She enjoys the music she is performing, and well she should, it’s fantastic. The band members behind her are tight and in sync with their singer, rocking in perfect rythm, throwing in well timed harmonies as needed. I urge you to check them out and pick up their self-titled CD (which I did at the show) as it is fantastic and will be a subject of a future review here on

At their prime in the 1990s and up until 2005, the band re-formed in 2011. The Tea Party released eight albums on EMI Music Canada, selling 1.6 million records worldwide, and achieving a No. 1 Canadian single “Heaven Coming Down” in 1999.

Jeff Martin - The Tea Party - Casino NB

Jeff Martin – The Tea Party – Casino NB

The band was rock solid (sorry, bad pun) all night, they never missed a beat, with thier classic material or their new stuff off their newly released album “The Ocean At The End” that this current tour is the back beat of. As the bands played the crowd seemed to swell in numbers, the group circling the stage swelling back almost to the soundboard and bleachers at the back of the room. Singer Jeff Martin asked the crowds merchy at one point, saying that he now lives in the warmth of Australia and almost the instant he stepped off the plane in Toronto he had a head cold, so be kind. Even referencing the fact that he never thought he’d be on stage with the Tea Party…actually drinking tea!

The band rolled through songs like “The River” and a fantastic version of “Sister Awake ” and the crowd ate it up. They ended the show on a high note, but the crowd wasn’t done with them yet, pulling them out for encores and absorbing everything that that the Tea Party had to throw at them, getting the crowd to sing the chorus of one of their most popular songs in “Temptation”.

A great night was had by all at this show, many telling me it was one of their favorites in recent memory, both with having an awesome opening act and a well rounded headliner. Thanks to The Mandevilles, The Tea Party, Casino NB, and PPRL for having me in for a great night of music yet again!

Coming Soon – The Steady Swagger – CD Review

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The Steady Swagger

The Steady Swagger

Cheap Trick – Live at Casino NB – 08/23/14

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Many rock acts while touring play the same songs in the same order night after night, of course there that is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with that, the audience knows what to expect.  Cheap Trick, appearing live at The Centre at Casino NB tonight rarely followed the rules over the years, having some nights I’ve heard, played entire albums as their show list for the night, one whole album and that was it.   Having spotted the set list at the sound board I knew that was not to be the case tonight, but there were some hidden gems mixed in with their bigger more well known hits.

As Nielsen’s chords blasted out to open the night with “Hello There,” followed up from their debut album by “Ello Kiddies” lead singer/guitarist Robin Zander, dressed in all black, stepped forward to the centre mic and launched us into a night of great rock music.  Playing songs that spanned the last 35 plus years of music, formed way back in 1973 in Rockford, Illinois, and with three out of the four original members (original drummer Bun E. Carlos being replaced currently by guitarist Rick Neilson’s son Daxx)…they are still a rocking good time.

Cheap Trick - Casino NB - 08/23/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Cheap Trick – Casino NB – 08/23/14 ~ Refrain Photography

The vocals of Robin Zander have not lost much over the years and for a guy just into his sixties, it’s pretty impressive that he can still hit notes that he was singing in his twenties.  While some of the vocals seemed to be a bit of a reach times, overall I was very impressed by his ability to perform the songs as we know them.

Rick Neilsen hasn’t changed in all the years of playing, with his antics on stage and his constant guitar changes with every different song.  His penchant for throwing guitar picks to the crowd hasn’t stopped either, byt the end of the night throwing them out by the handful.  Neilson, who you would never know turns 68 this year, with his hopping around the stage and fitful energy (he never seemed to stop moving, ever) was a lightning rod the whole night and is the energy of this band.

Cheap Trick - Casino NB - 08/23/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Cheap Trick – Casino NB – 08/23/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Tom Petersen kept the bass flowing through the night, while chipping in with background vocals, on a gorgeous 12-string Gretsch bass that was a snazzy white, even gracing us with a solo while the rest of the band took a break at one point.  Great songs flowed from the band all night long, including their song which was the theme song for the hit TV show, “That 70’s Show”.  Of course they played their only number one single, “The Flame” along with classic, “I Want You To Want Me” that has graced classic rock radio for decades.

Cheap Trick - Casino NB - 08/23/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Cheap Trick – Casino NB – 08/23/14 ~ Refrain Photography

After a rousing “Dream Police,” to end the regular set, the crowd had no problem in demanding an encore, which consisted of three songs, one being “Surrender” a big hit for the band and also “Goodnight” for which Rick Nielsen broke out his 5 neck guitar for the night’s closer.

It’s obvious 35 years removed from Cheap Trick’s performance at Budokan, that Rick Nielsen can still clown around, throw out guitar picks (which he did by the handful tonight), play a collection of outrageous guitars and make it look easy, even if it isn’t. Petersson can smile and deliver scorching bass lines on his beautiful white Gretsch 12-string bass and Zander can lead them through it all.  It’s damn near impossible to not get into a Cheap Trick concert.

A wonderful night of music and I want to thank the guys of Cheap Trick, Casino NB, and PPRL for making it all happen.

Tommy Emmanuel – Capitol Theatre – 05/30/14

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Having missed the show last year at the Capitol I was going to make sure that I would not miss this year a guitarist that has been named one of the greatest players of all time.  There was a buzz in the room prior to the show like we were about to see something special, the crowd ranged from young to, not so young (don’t like saying old).  As I took my seat in my private little box (thank-you Spank The Plank Productions) I was made aware that Tommy would be having an opening act.  What an opening act it was, Vinny Raniolo & Frank Vignola blew the crowd up with their manic guitar playing, humor, and if this was any indication of the show ahead we were in for a treat.  Frank even spotted me at one point, stopped the song half way through, told Vinny to pose (he wasn’t really sure where to look so just posed), I snapped the picture, and they picked up in the song right where they left off…the crowd loved it.  The vibrance with which these two New Yorkers played was incredible, they electrified the crowd from the get go…their short set was almost not enough…definitely leaving us wanting more.

Vinny Raniolo & Frank Vignola - Capitol Theatre - 05/30/2014 ~ Refrain Photography

Vinny Raniolo & Frank Vignola – Capitol Theatre – 05/30/2014 ~ Refrain Photography

Never having heard of this Emmanuel prior to last years show at the Capitol (which as I said, I unfortunately missed),  I wasn’t sure what to think beforehand, having watched a plethora of YouTube videos but certainly never expected this stratospheric level of musical manipulation.  My God what this man can do with six strings and ten fingers!!   The musical virtuosity that Tommy displays in song after song caused, I saw, many a jaw dropping moment. I was astounded with his percussiveness on the body of his guitar mixed with the playing that those magical fingers performed on the strings.

Emmanuel was a child prodigy and by the age of six he was already working as a professional musician. His music and life are legendary in his native Australia, where he is a household name. He has recorded and performed with countless well known artists including : Air Supply, Men at Work, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Keith Urban, Eric Clapton (who has said that “he is the best guitarist I have ever seen”), and many, many more.

He rolled through many songs including playing one of his new songs “Blood Brother”  off his latest album which was beautifully mysterious. He also played old favourites “Angelina” which he told us was written for his youngest daughter.  He also shared with us notes about his family and growing up one of six kids.   Every once in a while you detected a familiar melody and I myself found myself closing my eyes as a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”  elaborately excaped tommy’s guitar, after which he received yet another  of many standing ovations.

Tommy Emmanuel - Capitol Theatre - 05/30/2014 ~ Refrain Photography

Tommy Emmanuel – Capitol Theatre – 05/30/2014 ~ Refrain Photography

Charismatic in his delivery, rocking us with rousing versions of songs like “Guitar Boogie”, and magical with his playing, the very appreciative crowd ate up every note that was thrown at them. Tommy was joined at the end of the show once again by openers Frank and Vinny to have a three man jam on stage that was just mind blowing.  I highly encourage you to get out to see these guys play if they are in your area as you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to Frank & Vinnie, Tommie Emmanuel, and Spank The Plank for a wonderful show!


Backstreet Boys – Moncton Coliseum – 05/03/14

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It was obvious to me why the Backstreet Boys have been around for 21 years, not only their brand of music that has graced dance floors world wide for two decades, and a performance show that is high energy and interactive, but a dedicated and rabid fan base.  The Backstreet Boys have sold over 130 million records worldwide, thus making them the best selling boy band in history, and one of the world’s best selling musical artists. They are one of a small group to have their first nine albums reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200 and the only boy band to accomplish this.  This night, they launch their 2014 North American “In A World Like This” Tour, at the Moncton Coliseum.

The line-up outside the Coliseum was staggering upon arrival, dominated not surprisingly by the female gender, as thousands of fans awaited entry as a technical glitch delayed the start time (hey it is the first show of the NA tour after all).  As I referred to earlier, their staying power has a lot to do with their fan base, which as I noted watching the crowd enter the building ranged from individuals from ages of about 10-50, again, predominately female.  One fan I spoke with who was in the ‘gold circle’ on the floor, this was her 17th time seeing BSB, the following night in Halifax would be her 18th.

Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This Tour - Moncton Coliseum - 05/03/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This Tour – Moncton Coliseum – 05/03/14 ~ Refrain Photography

The ‘steamy’ arena was buzzing in anticipation of the guys arriving on the stage, the full house on the edge of their seats, ready to scream for the next two hours (which they certainly did).  As the lights dimmed and the group took to the stage I was very thankful to have found my misplaced ear plugs just before the show…it was loud!  Not only was the music loud but so was the 5000 plus ladies screaming at the top of their lungs surrounding me (when I took my camera to the office after our allowed three song shooting I ran into one couple that were actually leaving because of the volume).  A very simple and effective stage surrounded the group, emblazoned with LED’s that burst colour on their baby blue suits (one of many outfits on the night) and the group danced up a storm to the delight of the crowd.  Although these ‘boys’ are in their early 30’s to early 40’s they still move as much and as well as they ever did.  The only part of the stage that I disliked were the position of the speaker stacks hanging from the ceiling, they seriously impeded half of the top of the top two risers of the stage where the group spent a lot of time throughout the show if you were in the seats of the bowl.

Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This Tour - Moncton Coliseum - 05/03/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This Tour – Moncton Coliseum – 05/03/14 ~ Refrain Photography

A few songs in, group member AJ Maclean took to the stage alone to ask the crowd for a brief moment of silence for their long time head of security Johnny “Q” Elgani who had recently passed, which the crowd respected as Maclean held a raised fist to the sky.  Another reason this group has had the staying power of no other boy band is their love of their crowds, their interactivity with their crowds.  They noted that Canada had a special place in their hearts because, even though they were formed in Orlando, they ‘made it’ in Europe and Canada long before they were heavily on the radar in the US.

An hour into the show, the band broke it down bringing out the acoustic guitars, box drums, and keyboards to ‘play’ some songs for the fanatical crowd.  They noted that the crowd was likely thinking “what are the backstreet boys doing with instruments”? They called it insurance for 30-40 years from now when they can’t dance anymore, unless it was a latin flavoured song for which group member Howie did a dance for the crowd.  Much to the delight of the ladies.  They play a few older songs acoustically, and very well, it was obvious that playing instruments is something they have done for a long time and well.  They also played a new song called “Madelaine” off their latest, and 8th studio album.  They told stories, and there was a brief video about them shown on the three large video screens and when they returned to the stage they sang another new song from the latest album and the title of the tour, “In A World Like This” which I personally enjoyed quite a bit.  During the song AJ, walked around in the crowd while he sang joining the other members on stage near the end of the song.  One interesting highlight was when they asked the crowd to turn the flashlights of their cell phones on during a song, like thousands of firefly’s they danced  around they entire arena.  Their interactivity stretched even further and members would pose for cell phone pics as they sang, member Brian Litrell even getting right down on his stomach on stage to be part of a ‘selfie’ with a group of girls, all while continuing to sing.  (It should be noted that I as a viewer of many, many shows appreciate performers who do things like this and realize why they are here, the fans, don’t just come out and play and leave)

Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This Tour - Moncton Coliseum - 05/03/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This Tour – Moncton Coliseum – 05/03/14 ~ Refrain Photography

After almost two solid hours of music, the band bid farewell to the excited and screaming fans, to be pulled back for a two song encore of “Backstreet’s Back”, and “Larger Than Life”.  In a show I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the BSB’s entertained, made me laugh, played fun songs that took me back, interacted and performed…sounds like a perfect show to me.  Backstreet’s Back…in North America for the summer of 2014, and I highly encourage you to take in this show, definitely a good one.

Thanks to the Backstreet Boys, Evenko, and PPRL for a fun night of music and entertainment in the city yet again!



Bryan Adams - Bare Bones Tour- Moncton Coliseum - 04/30/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Bryan Adams – Bare Bones Tour- Moncton Coliseum – 04/30/14 ~ Refrain Photography

The first time I saw Bryan Adams I was still buying music on 45’s with my allowance, his Cuts Like A Knife album was barely out, and hardly anyone knew who he was.  The next couple of times I saw him he was singing about “The Summer of 69″, being in “Heaven”, and asking someone to “Please Forgive Me”.  Almost thirty years after the first time I saw him perform was a chance to watch him sing the songs stripped down to their ‘bare bones’, acoustically performed, like Adams says “sung like they were written”.

Adams is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, actor, and photographer (and a damn good one).  He’s one of the world’s best selling artists of all time and the best-selling Canadian rock artist of all time, he is a staple on rock radio and has written/performed some of the most popular and recognizable songs of all time.

The show itself started with Adams stepping on stage (about 20 minutes past the scheduled start) with no introduction, not that one is really needed, with a top hat (to mimic the logo above) and a guitar.  With a salute to the crowd and a bow, setting his hat at his feet, he launched into “Run To You”.   The crowd was into the show from the get go, with Adams being very interactive, taking ‘request’s  from the crowd and playing them on the spot.  He was accompanied by only one other musician “Gary” on the piano, the appreciative crowd at one point breaking into a chant of “Gary, Gary” after one vigorous session of piano playing.

Bryan Adams - Bare Bones Tour - Moncton Coliseum - 04/30/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Bryan Adams – Bare Bones Tour – Moncton Coliseum – 04/30/14 ~ Refrain Photography

While some bands/singers over a 30+ year music career start to lose their joy for performing, Adams has obviously not, chatting with the crowd, cracking spontaneous jokes, and really getting into the show.  Another thing that can wither over time is vocal ability, and Adams who’s now in his mid-50’s has not lost a step at all.  His vocals were bang on and strong, which was evident in this exposed show not being hidden behind electric guitars and heavy rock drums.  When given the chance, the crowd joined in, word for word on many songs becoming part of the show.  Including one member of the crowd chosen to ‘dance’ in the aisles during a bluesy number and the crowd loved it.  People would call out from the seats, and Adams would answer, he was definitely there to perform, interact, and entertain.

Adams played for a solid 90 minutes, never breaking, interacting with the crowd…even speaking to the crowd in exceptionally fluent French.  He played a request from one lady in the second row saying to her “didn’t you ask for that on my Twitter today?”, which she had, launching into the beautiful song “Flying”.  It was interesting to hear some songs broken down, skilfully played on an acoustic guitar and piano, with strong vocals, and the crowd as a back up singer.

Bryan Adams - Bare Bones Tour - Moncton Coliseum - 04/30/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Bryan Adams – Bare Bones Tour – Moncton Coliseum – 04/30/14 ~ Refrain Photography

Arguably one of the best shows I’ve seen in quite a while, with multiple standing ovations and after his 90 minute main set Adams (and Gary), raised their top hats and left the stage.  But there was no way the crowd was letting them get away that easy, Adams returning after being beckoned by the the crowd for more to play an unheard of five song encore.  It culminated with a final song that Adams wrote when he was 18 years old and his first US top ten, “Straight From The Heart”

An immensely enjoyable night of music that I encourage anyone to get out and see if they have a chance, go see this show, you won’t be disappointed!  Thanks to Adams, Evenko, and PPRL (oh, and Gary) for another fantastic night of music in the city!